Total Body Stem Cell Package

What is a TOTAL Body Stem Cell Package?  

Experience the ONLY full body Stem Cell treatment that not only treats ALL parts of your body but also treats the inside of your body.

Though many patients come to us to get help living life full of freedom, pain and without pain, the TOTAL Body Stem Cell treatment is designed for those who want to be proactive with their health.  Many of us invest financially in protecting our future, the TOTAL Body Stem Cell Treatment is the Ultimate investment in protecting your health.

How does it work?

Your procedure is focused on creating an amazing result AND to ensure your experience is one of ease and high level customer service.  You will be picked up at the airport. Your 3 day stay at the Edgewater Hotel is included in your package. Your room is stocked with fresh fruit, green juices and Dr. Tami approved snacks for you. 

The first day of your “treatment” starts with preparing the inside of your body.  The day includes: a Hyperbaric Oxygen session, IV Glutathione and Vitamin drip, blood draw to evaluate your hormones and inflammatory markers, Level 4 “Cold” Laser treatments and a meeting with our Stem Cell specialized Naturopath to discuss Sleep, Nutrition, Stress, and a deep dive into optimizing your health in a customized way.  A one months supply of any recommended supplements is included. If you are in the US, you will have already received a hormone test kit in advance and the results will also be discussed.

Day Two is your procedure day with Dr. Tami and her team where your own Stem Cells will be extracted from your fat (and bone marrow if needed).  You will receive a treatment of your stem cells and exosomes that day into your joints and your back by our certified MD under fluoroscopy guidance.  You will also receive an IV. You may have the option to add on treatment to your face and/or hair, and the femm shot or “Male shot” if desired. This is a long day and a nutrient dense lunch will be provided( on our roof top deck, weather permitting).  

Day Three includes another hyperbaric oxygen session, Laser session, and your post op check.  You will be driven to the airport in coordination with your flight home.

We have patients that have flown from Sweden, London, Vietnam, Brazil, Canada and all over the US to receive this platinum procedure.  

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